Presentations on Georgia's
Civil War history and sites

We have a professionally produced DVD about Ed Bearss titled "American Journey." In appreciation of a special donation of at least $25 (not including membership dues) to Georgia Battlefields Association, you can receive a copy.  Send your donation to PO Box 669953, Marietta GA 30066, and indicate that you would like the Bearss DVD.
Georgia Battlefields Association can provide presentations on the following:

· The War in Georgia: Secession to Shiloh
· Andrews' Raid (The Great Locomotive Chase)
· Hope & Despair: Summer 1862 through Fall 1863
· Atlanta Campaign: Winter Preparations to Resaca
· Atlanta Campaign: Rome Crossroads to the Hell Hole
· Atlanta Campaign: Getting through Cobb County: Pine Mountain to the River Line
· Atlanta Campaign: Crossing the Chattahoochee and the Change of Command
· Atlanta Campaign: Peachtree Creek and Atlanta
· Atlanta Campaign: Ezra Church, Utoy Creek, and Siege
· Atlanta Campaign: Cavalry Operations
· Atlanta Campaign: Jonesboro and the Fall of Atlanta
· Two "Quiet" Months: Occupation of Atlanta and Pursuit of Hood
· The March to the Sea
· Wilson's Raid through Alabama and Georgia
· Jefferson Davis's flight from Virginia to Georgia
· Reconstruction in Georgia: The U.S. Army's Role
· Veterinary Medicine during the Civil War
· Atlanta Then and Now: Comparing 1864 photos to today
· Current Condition of Civil War Sites in Georgia